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About Us

We are Dave and Jeanne Hecht and we are here to share our Tales on the Trails with you.  When I, Dave, was young, I spent many years On the Road, in the tradition of Kerouac, the Pranksters, and many others who wander on purpose.  I got older, raised a family, built a successful career and always dreamed of getting back on the road.  I also dreamed of Jeanne.

<insert I Dream of Jeannie soundtrack here>

We have always camped and traveled together, first tents, then  a tear drop, and finally our 36′ National RV Dolphin.  Our intent is to spend 48 months in 48 states, although we reserve the right to make a run for Alaska.  We want to share our stories as we go, but really, we believe more importantly, that we want to tell you the stories of the people we meet along the way.  We want to share our Tales on the Trails.  Tales of excitement, tales of sorrow, tales of life, all a mosaic of the lives we are fortunate to live and the lives others let us observe.

As a good Doctor once said “We’re all just stories in the end so make it a good one, eh?”



6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Scott Tunnicliffe

    Off you go brother – travel safe and enjoy!! You deserve it. Drink good whiskey, smoke a good cigar and of course………Go Pack Go!

    See you guys in about 8 months

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